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And This Shall Be The End, 2010

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A Voice Declaring: America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces    
      I was caught up in visions and dreams this morning, 08/10/2010, I wish I could tell you what I saw and heard but the truth is I don't rightly know. That's correct, like it was routine, or it just wasn't that important, only as I began to wake I heard a voice say and I quote, "and this shall be the end." My Christ Jesus, who's about to be on the earth, you should've seen me trying to do like this re-run or trying to take what I supposedly heard and saw more serious, 'and this shall be the end.'
And This Shall Be The End
 -Assad's Syria moves should be seen as Holy Spirit inspired, he's not the leader of Syria so he can then give in to westernized civilization. Anyone trying to preserve that which is inevitably decimated by its unrepentance and thus God's impending judgment 2001-2017 will find themselves battling the Supreme of it, them all, see Psalm 2. You are to remember the weapons of destruction God used against Jeremiah/Ezekiel's unrepentant Judah?
     -It was demonstrated to the mightiest kingdom in the world at that time, that's by King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of future emerging nations, beginning with his, all decimated by a stone cut out without hands (Jesus Millennium Reign), falling from haven, see Dan. 2:3-49 02/14/2015. Although to highlight his rebellion still, this King of kings crafted a towering gold imagine of himself, whereas all in the land including the Hebrews were to worship or die. America, the West has, are doing something similar, as to totally repel God for centuries forewarnings.                
-There’s the Supreme Court same sex vote, the demon like creature standing in Detroit Michigan this worship and the Pope, looking like Jesus proposed for these end times abomination that maketh mass assembly desolate, standing in the holy place, (see Christ foundation, the earth of mankind), see Mat 24, the beast tearing through mass assembly 2014. All these evils and counting are pregnant with cataclysmic disasters for 190 months 2001-2017 and that for thousands of year, just as demonstrated to King Nebuchadnezzar. As so right unto a stone cut out without hands falling from heaven, the fulfillment of such demonstrated to this Apostle as early as February of last year.                                                       
     -What did I see? I saw the Bride, I saw that she was in possession of the stone made without hands, I saw further that it had the surface of a meteor, that when the Bride released it, I heard a voice lament, and I quote “this is the antichrist murderer,” 02/14/2015. Evenly of that crying aloud, sparing not how a seeming to part ways America and Britain are to be instead separated into itty, bitty pieces, see the toes on Nebuchadnezzar’s image, see Dan. 2:3-49.
     -Manifestly and without further delay nothing of world nations crafted by this indescribable for centuries blood bath, heavens host are celebrating behind the seventh angel, our example for thousands of years, Rev. 11, will remain of God's Kingdom, by Jesus' Millennium, Reign, got Jesus yet? Awake, be as aware as God Himself, Apb, The RAM, read more here,

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